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Name:HZ103048 1500mAh
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Nominal capacity:1500mAh
Standard charging current:0.2C
Max charging current:1.0C
Max continuous discharging current:1.0C

Product Description



Type  Lithium polymer battery
 Nominal voltage  3.7V
 Norminal capacity  1500mAh
 Dimension  10.0±0.2 *30.0±0.5* 48.0±0.5mm 
 Model  103048-1500mAh
 Max.charge current  1.0C
 Max.discharge current  1.0C
 Charge current

Standard charging: 0.2C

Rapid charging: 1.0C

 Standard Charging method

 0.2C CC(constant current) charge to 4.2V

then CV(constant voltage 4.2V) charge till

charge current decline to ≤ 0.01C


 standard charging: 5.5~6.5 hours(Ref.)

Rapid charging: 1.5~2.5 hours(Ref.)

 Discharg cut-off voltage  2.75V
 Operating temperature  -20°C~+60 °C
 Storage temperature  25°C
 Weight  35g


Product Features:


1, All sizes, models and capacities can be selected by customers. The thickness is from 1 to 12mm.

2. The range of optional capacity is wide, 20-12000mAh.

3, the discharge platform is high, the average voltage is over 3.7V, the internal resistance is low, and the charging time is fast.

4. Long service life. Recycling can be over 300 times.

5, The new protection board is safe, with over charge protection, over discharge protection and over current protection, using import Japan PCB.

6. Batteries can be customized according to customer requirements, such as voltage, capacity, mating plug/connector, etc.

7Green environmental protection: no mercury, cadmium, lead and other harmful substances, suitable for market demand in Europe and America.

7. Short delivery, perfect service.


Application field of lithium battery:


1. Civil consumption categories: digital camera, digital video camera, MP3/MP4 player, PDA, DVD, DV, electric toothbrush, electric razor, recording pen, electronic dictionary, e-book reader, story machine, game machine, wireless mouse, pos machine, pet tracker etc.

2. Electric tools: saws, electric drills, etc.

3. Small household appliances: portable vacuum cleaner, electric mop and so on.

4. Electric toys: remote control toys, model boats, ship models, etc.

5. Electric vehicles: electric bicycles, electric cars, etc.

6. Lighting categories: emergency lights, lawn lights, miners, solar lights, LED lights, etc.

7. Beauty and health care: electric beauty, hairdresser and so on.

8. Medical devices: portable electronic medical devices, hearing aids, electric wheelchairs, etc.

9. Other classes: instrument and meter, GPS, high temperature power supply system, cold proof equipment, access control and terminal.

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